FAQ LiveEscape-Frankfurt ®


Where do you play "Live Escape"?

In the basement there are in each game a couple of rooms with different types of puzzles and tasks to solve.


Every team gets 60 minutes to escape the game or room.


The rooms:  (Room-Escape-Theater)

To keep the mystery and the excitement alive we would like to avoid giving any information about the rooms.

Should there be an emergency, then it is possible to leave the room/game immediately.


Game start/Arrival:

It is very important for every player to arrive on time for their appointment.

At a late arrival we cannot let the team start because of our strict schedule.

Before the game the group is extensively trained by the quizmaster.

We recommend just in Time comming to the start of the game to be on site, so that our quizmaster can fully instruct you in the gameplay.


How many people can play?

You can play in teams of 2 to 9 at LiveEscape Frankfurt.


Is there an age limit?

We recommended a minimum age of 11 years!

A group of children should be accompanied by an adult.

There are not any scary or too hard riddles.


Instructions of the game master and other restrictions:

The instructions have to be followed. The cameras and cords cannot be touched. Same applies to marked objects which do not belong to the game. Who does not follow the rules or instructions of the game master can be excluded from the game.


Conditions of participation and other restrictions:

  • Every participant plays at his/her own risk and responsibility.

  • We recommend to wear comfortable clothes. We are not responsible for the loss or damage of your property, clothing and other in the building.

  • People under the age of 14 can participate only with an adult. We do not recommend the participation of children younger 11 years.

  • One game /room can be played by a group of 2 to 9 at LiveEscape Frankfurt.

  • Smoking and using an open flame is strictly prohibited in the whole building.

  • Dangerous objects like stabbing- and cutting weapons, guns etc. are strictly prohibited!

  • It is not allowed to step onto  LiveEscape Frankfurt ground under the influence of alcohol or other consciousness changing substances.

  • You are not allowed to use any type of light sources (flashlights, laser or cell phone light etc.) in LiveEscape Frankfurt.

  • Visitors who do not follow these rules or the instructions of the house staff will be excluded from the property of LiveEscape Frankfurt immediately.

  • People with illnesses (heart/circulation problems, epilepsy, phobias etc.), who are afraid of the darkness or think that they might feel worse after the game  should not participate.


LiveEscape Frankfurt is located in a basement and you can get to it over a wide staircase. There is an emergency exit without a staircase, and some through windows. People in wheel chairs will not be able to get to downstairs and are not being recommended to participate in the game.

With the purchase of an entrance ticket, the right to a 60 minute copyright-protected room theater event is acquired.



To book an appointment with LiveEscape Frankfurt click the button "Book now!" .This link will take you to our external booking page.

Private customers can book or cancel their reservation free of charge up to 48 hours before the booking.
All other bookings are binding from the booking without stoning.
Transfers are only possible with our consent.