The Live Room Escape Game in Frankfurt am Main!

Air-conditioned rooms !! Free WLAN !! Free Parking !!

- Tip for those who are looking for a new kind of entertainment -

In this fun escape game a team of 2-9 members is imprisoned in a mysterious room.

The participants have to solve riddles and puzzles, find hidden objects and keys, various codes crack to free himself from the room.

An exciting race against time, with the aim to leave the room within 60 minutes valuable. Physical strength is not required, only creativity, logical thinking and team spirit are required.

Have you never heard about Live Room Escape Games?

Then you look at this  Looking for an extraordinary event?


As specialists in corporate events and Teambuilding We organize an unforgettable event experience for their team.
In our Event Center we offer on 450 m² up to 7 different challenges in parallel.


So they have the option of up to 56 participants to play simultaneously. Exclusive day or evening events with up to 85 participating are possible. We offer you different  options .


From the champagne reception to the three-course menu. Or dine before or after your creative event in a Nobel scene or restaurants like: Life is beautiful, Mongol, Vapiano, 25h.

We are happy to lead you in advance through our Live Escape-Center and develop with you a specially tailored to your teambuilding concept. Just come and discover the Challanges, we can offer you.

Besides Teamwork events for new or existing teams, we also offer team building events. For example you can also carry out a part of your scoring Management in our rooms in dissolved round.

Our special facilities offer the unforgettable setting for your business trip and office parties ..

You can stonieren or rebook free of charge until 48 hours before the booked date!


*** = beginners

**** = advanced

***** = professionals

****** = experts


**** Room #1: "BLACK & WHITE" - hunted Hunter (2-9 persons)

***** Room #2: "AGATHA C." - exiting Crime Story (2-9 persons)

**** Room #3: "ALCATRAZ Prison break" (2-8 persons)

*** Room #4: " Rob a Bank" Start in 2019 (2-8 persons)

**** Room #5: "ENIGMA" - fantastic, mysterious world of lights (2-8 persons)

**** Room #6: "ALCATRAZ II"  (2-7 persons)

****** Room #7: "SCHATZJÄGER" (2-9 persons) *new*

Versus-Games can be booked!